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  • Scrabble blast

    Scrabble blast

    Make different words from letters in the game Scrabble blast. There are two modes in the game. You can compete against computer on one of ten difficulty levels or invite three friends and compete

  • Chessmaster


    This is the most fascinating and interesting chess game, which offers several modes, 18 computer opponents, among which there are beginners as well as experts of chess. There are several game modes,

  • Chess 2

    Chess 2

    Chess is a hard sport competition and even science. This is a noble battle, which leaves no tracks of destruction, a real minds battle involving complicated strategy.Game features: Game with a

  • Checkers 2

    Checkers 2

    Checkers is a classic game familiar from the very childhood. But do not underestimate it. This game might seem simple and even primitive at first sight, but it will make you be sly, apply strategy

  • Merry Christmas: Tombola!

    Merry Christmas: Tombola!

    This is a funny Christmas bingo game from Giovanni Romano. The idea of the game is very easy – delete the numbers you observe on the pieces. Bingo in smartphone. You can play in a vertical as well

  • The Five 2

    The Five 2

    MGS The Five 2 game is known as Wu-Zi in China, as Renju in Japan and “five in line” in our country. Your task is to make a line of five pieces before your opponent does the same. Besides regular

  • Gobang 2

    Gobang 2

    This is a continuation of old eastern game gomoku, or five in a line. The task of the player is to be the first who makes the line of pieces of his color. There must be five pieces. You can select

  • Cubilete


    Have you ever played Cubes game before? Do you like checkers game? Try to play this very popular and traditional Cuban dice game in your mobile device. You can play against three opponents. The