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Racing Symbian Apps Games

  • Smashing drive

    Smashing drive

    You take control over flying taxi in New York and you must deliver as many passengers to the destination point as possible. Don’t forget about time limit. There are three game modes: arcade,

  • Sega rally championship

    Sega rally championship

    Driving powerful rally cars you need to cover many tracks all over the world. Between the races you can tune your car. vBag or gpSP (GameBoy Advance) emulator is required to start the game.

  • Rock Em Sock Em Robots

    Rock Em Sock Em Robots

    The players take control over one of the boxing robots "Red Rocker" or "Blue Bomber", try to knock out all their opponents, choosing the right position, finding weak places of defense and delivering

  • Rock 'n' Roll racing

    Rock 'n' Roll racing

    A team of racers coming from all known planets get into the cars with killing equipment and sets off for a journey along the most difficult tracks. The events take place to a rock and roll crash!

  • Nicktoons racing

    Nicktoons racing

    Welcome to racing track of the nicktoons world! Select the character you like, game mode and step on the gas. Leave your opponents behind and become a Mistic Driver!Game features:12

  • NASCAR: Heat 2002

    NASCAR: Heat 2002

    NASCAR: Heat 2002 is a racing game. Win respect of other teams taking part in competitions and leaving your opponents far behind.Game features:12 tracks game modes5 racing teamsSaving of the results

  • Konami krazy racers

    Konami krazy racers

    Konami krazy racers is karts race emulator. The main characters Goemon, Moai and Dracula have different skills relating speed, acceleration and other indicators. You can test them in Free Run mode,

  • Digimon: Racing

    Digimon: Racing

    From now you can drive a kart together with your favorite digimon and take part in race. Having trained enough, you can develop the skills of your character and demonstrate good results in race, open