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  • Brett Hull hockey 95

    Brett Hull hockey 95

    This is one of best hockey emulators. There is a training mode, detailed statistics of the results of players and teams. Your team can take part in the games of different levels including friendly

  • Australian rugby league

    Australian rugby league

    This is a high quality sports game from Electronic Arts company. You take control over a professional rugby players and must take the team to the victory in the national championship. PicoDrive

  • American gladiators

    American gladiators

    This game is based on a popular sport show. You are going to take part in fascinating competition which differes from regular kinds of sports. PicoDrive (Sega Mega Drive) emulator is required to

  • AWS Pro moves soccer

    AWS Pro moves soccer

    This is a soccer emulator which offers plan view of the field. You can create your own team, take part in friendly matches as well as in different kinds of tournaments. PicoDrive (Sega Mega

  • Salt Lake 2002

    Salt Lake 2002

    Welcome to winter Olympic games at Salt Lake 2002! You are going to take part in different kinds of sports and win gold for any of 16 countries.Game features:6 kinds of sports5 difficulty

  • Rocky


    The main characters of the film “Rocky” fight on different arenas. They demonstrate their boxing skills, apply different fighting methods: hooks, jabs, uppercuts, crosses and also some protection

  • Pro tennis: WTA tour

    Pro tennis: WTA tour

    Welcome to the female tennis tournament. Charming sportswomen will fight for the cup. Select any sportswoman and sharpen your hits playing against your opponents. vBag or gpSP (GameBoy Advance)