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  • Battle master

    Battle master

    Battle master - is a strategy in the medieval fantasy world. You can play as humans, elves, dwarfs or orcs and you must clear the territory from the opponents. PicoDrive (Sega Mega Drive)

  • Aerobiz


    You manage an airline and your task is to turn it into the best company of the airline field. There is a huge airpark, possibility to make routes all over the world and plan flights schedule.

  • Advance wars

    Advance wars

    Create your base and attack your opponents before they succeed to apply full scale production of soldiers and weapons at full capacity!Game features:Variety of military equipment and soldiersWide

  • Gigalomania


    Gigalomania - is a strategy game available for all popular mobile platforms and PC. Gameplay consists of examination and developing of the new technology, which can help to defeat the enemies. You

  • Mech Platoon

    Mech Platoon

    This is a real time strategy. You control the resources of the planet, construct your base and secret army weapons. This is a successful porting of a famous game. The result: must have! To start

  • Napoleon


    This is a history theme game. France and Russia interests clashed. The latter won, but suffered from great losses. The initiator of all this was great (mad) Napoleon Emperor. This game is dedicated

  • SimCity 2000

    SimCity 2000

    The main outward distinction of SimCity 2000 from the earlier version SimCity is an isometric projection of the city. The constructions are now more detailed and visual. There are no more «FD» and

  • Mine Siege

    Mine Siege

    This is a fascinating strategy game Mine Siege, in which you will have to protect precious mines from continuous attacks of enemy soldiers and this is not that easy. You will have four main towers